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About Jet

""Jet is the largest clothing retailer in Southern Africa, created to serve families looking for good quality and affordable merchandise.

With more than 450 stores across South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia and Swaziland, Jet continues to be the retailer of choice among shoppers. It was voted South Africa's favourite retail brand and has earned the loyalty of 1.3 million members.

Since 1976, Jet has grown to be more than just a retailer - it has proved to be a pillar of the community with its sincere quest to improve the lives of others.

Jet has rolled out soccer clinics, literacy programmes, food and blanket donations to those in need and has assisted with building houses for the disadvantaged.

Jet's proudest product is the Jet Club Magazine, published ten times a year and reaching over 5.8 million readers, making it Southern Africa's most-read publication. Jet Club Magazine's success is due to the informative, easy to understand and eye-catching articles.

Articles covering advice on love, money management, parenting, education, health, important social and civil issues.

Plus there are articles covering entertainment, interviews with celebrities and loads of fashion. Jet Club members are also treated to regular competitions, discounts and exclusive store events.

The different types of Jet stores:

Jet clothing stores
The original Jet stores stock clothing, shoes and accessories. Stores range in size from one to three floors. Jet has just launched a new concept store in Eloff Street, Johannesburg.

Jet Mart stores
These stores offer kitchen ware, electrical and domestic appliances, DIY products, household textiles, stationery as well as the basic Jet range of clothing for the whole family.

Jet Fashion
Jet Fashion
Jet Fashion
Jet Fashion

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