Looking after your skin in winter

21 May 2017

Winter is around the corner, and while we’re all excited to rock our new winter looks and trends, we need to take some time to look after our skin during the cold and dry spells that the season is known for...Read More

Ode to Mom

14 May 2017

Inspiring? Check. Loving? Check. Patient? Check. These are just a few of the things that the Jet team loves about their Moms. Here are their tributes. ...Read More

Back to basics, the shoes every woman should own

7 May 2017

Shoes are a woman’s best friend and every season there seems to be more shoes that we just have to have. If you often find that you end up with more than one pair of similar looking shoes then keep reading for our top tips on how to...Read More

You, Baby and I blogger tells us all about her favourite baby products

30 April 2017

So as a mom, I know that practicality, comfort, and cuteness are some of the ingredients needed for a happy mom, and a busy baby...Read More

It’s OK to be a working mom!

23 April 2017

Shaney Vijendranath is a mom of two, with a third on the way. Read on to find out how Shaney balances being a working mom with her family life... Read More

Saving for a Rainy Day

16 April 2017

Saving a portion of your income every month isn’t simple. Once bills are paid, groceries are purchased and school fees are settled, putting money aside every month can seem almost impossible, however it is essential in order to create the life you aspire to achieve... Read More

Update your jeans and tee look

9 April 2017

There’s nothing more classic than your favourite jeans and tee combo, but if you feel this look is becoming a bit of a ‘uniform’ and needs a refresh then we can help you. We believe that you do not need to revamp these items but a few tweaks make this combination feel brand new ... Read More

Bedroom Makeover

2 April 2017

Creating a bedroom that you are excited to come home to is important. You need to feel safe, comfortable, and at peace in the area where you rest after a long day, and recharge for the challenges that lie ahead tomorrow. Updating your bedroom doesn’t need to be ... Read More

Winter trends to add to your capsule wardrobe

26 March 2017

We have all the hot winter trends you need for the season to add to your collection of essential items that you will use as the basis to update with new seasonal pieces. If you haven’t started building those essentials yet, then read our blog post ... Read More

Working out the athleisure trend

19 March 2017

If you don’t yet know about the new athleisure trend, you will soon know about it. It is so much more than just a fashion trend and is becoming a lifestyle. Lives are getting busier and busier and we need clothes that help us get through many different activities throughout the day, while ... Read More

No Time to Excercise

12 March 2017

We all want to be that much fitter and that much healthier, but our lives are so busy, and there isn’t always the luxury of time for long, uninterrupted workouts. Once breakfasts and lunchboxes are prepared, or the evening struggle of getting the young ones cleaned and ready for bed is ... Read More

Transition your wardrobe

5 March 2017

Transitioning your wardrobe from summer through to winter is easier than you think, you no longer need to have a completely new wardrobe for each season. It’s much easier than you think. Updating your cupboard with a few key items you may have will keep you looking great no mateer the weather ... Read More

Last of Summer Hairstyles

26 February 2017

Is your hair already starting to get dry and break off? In order for that not to happen hair needs to be protected throughout the year. We have the last of the summer hairstyles that will help keep your hair protected and keep you looking cool as we transition into winter ... Read More

Pink Lady

19 February 2017

A touch of pink is all you need for the last few days of summer, it can even help you transition into winter. From bubble-gum to pastel, the shade you choose is up to you - it must just be pink. This colour may have a reputation for being too girly, but there are ... Read More

Girls Night In

12 February 2017

February is the month of love; love for your friends, your family, and importantly, yourself. Have you been working yourself to the bone and in need of a good gossip with your girls? Time to organise a night in. We’re here to help... Read More

The perfect bra, the perfect you

5 February 2017

Do you ever look in the mirror and think that there is a certain perkiness missing? The right bra can be that missing link that helps you look and feel your best. A bra is a very important part of getting ready, it can be the one thing that keeps you from feeling amazing. ... Read More

Fashion goals to stick to this year!

29 January 2017

We’re fresh into a brand-new year, and with that can come the desire to change, update, and better yourself. A lot of this begins with the clothes we wear.

Updating your wardrobe for a new year does not need to blow your budget. We’re here to show you how, using a capsule wardrobe. ... Read More

New year, new me, new career

22 January 2017

Let’s get something straight - first impressions are important, and the clothes you wear speak volumes about who you are and what you want to portray. From your make-up to your accessories, the colours you wear to the combinations you create; all these bits and pieces work . ... Read More

The ultimate guide to finding your perfect summer shades

15 January 2017

Time to throw the good kind of shade.

Ever notice how sunglasses will look amazing on your friend but as soon as you ask to try them on, they make you look like a bug? A flattering pair of shades is all about proportion, that’s why certain frame-shapes look better on certain ... Read More

Back to School

8 January 2017

4 things to get you ready, set, and back to school!

Whether you’re little one is going to school for the first time or heading back to school after a long holiday, it’s time to get stocked up and ready. It might be hard to convince them that going back to school will be .. Read More

Must Haves for Summer

1 January 2017

It’s summer and it’s time to kick off the warm shoes and slip into something cooler. We’ve got your 5 essential items for you to be ready, set and dressed for maximum comfort this summer.

Maxi Dress

If you’re spending some time around the pool or having a braai with friends and... Read More

Holiday Looks For The Family

25 December 2016

The festive season is finally upon us! After a long 2016, everyone is welcoming the holidays with open arms.

As you switch off during your break, the last thing you want to think of is what to wear! We’ve come up with a few holiday outfits for the whole family. Comfortably slip into...Read More