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What's cooler than being cool? Staying warm and dry! At Jet, we've got all the hottest reasons to be happy for cold weather. So if you’re ready and eager to shop, we’ve pinpointed the outerwear that matters most.

How to wear a Bomber jacket like a boss!

It’s hard to remember a season when the Bomber jacket hasn’t been a key player in menswear. With a Bomber at your command, you can target almost any dress code. This wardrobe staple has soared to the top of the fashion food chain and with Jet’s range of ‘explosive’ 2021 Bombers, you’ll hit the fashion bull’s-eye!

For fancier occasions, throw your Bomber over a sharp shirt, dark chinos, and some polished Chelsea boots. And for the guy who’s a fan of looking casual and fresh, wear yours with ripped jeans and a white tee. Because here’s the deal: neutral is best, gentlemen.

Peak in a plush Puffer

Now a Puffer jacket is the key to building your winter wardrobe. Whether it's long-sleeved, or sleeveless, the fluffier and puffier, the better – wouldn't you agree? With its cloud-like fit, outerwear this good can act as the cozy cocoon you’ve been seeking all lockdown long.

Finding the sweet spot between style and sensibility this season is easy at Jet. You can nail a formal look by wearing a dapper suit beneath a long-sleeve Puffer, then tie it all together with a pair of classic lace-up boots.

For a more casual look, make the Puffer the focal point. Bundle up in an eye-catching sleeveless Puffer, worn flawlessly above chinos or denim. Then rock some showy sneakers to balance the look. An easy-going under layer will make a solid uniform base for the bold outerwear.  

How to level up your knitwear game

When cooler weather really hits, there’s no greater feeling than pulling on a cozy knit to bundle yourself in and when it comes to cold comforts, two is always better than one. Shifting temperatures make it useful to have pieces you can peel on or off with ease. Enter: trans-seasonal dressing.

Simply put, piling on layers can weather-proof your style. The key to surviving the cold is knowing how to layer your knit pullovers properly. First and foremost, your knits should be light enough to throw over a T-shirt or layer under a coat when it gets colder.

Follow these two tried and true tricks to get layering knits right. Firstly, try alternating patterned layers with basics. Pattern, solid, pattern, and so on. Secondly, always follow the rule of threes; three clothing layers max! (you don’t want to end up looking like a top-heavy marshmallow). Tshisa, the possibilities are endless.

Knitwear you’ll never want to take off

When the weather is dull and the world is downside-up, turn to Jets soft-to-the-touch knits that lend a nurturing touch to everyday dressing.

A neutral knit is the undisputed star of the coming cooler season. You’ll need a stellar starting line-up of winter knits to tackle the season with winning style. Wear them swung, slung, or draped as the perfect top layer to your workwear button-downs, or tucked under your Puffers and Bombers, come rainy days.


It’s clear Jet is your one-stop-shop for classic, well-made wardrobe essentials that look great and feel good. Get Winter Shopping today!

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