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A is for… all ages. From tiny tots to older kids, everyone is sorted when it comes to getting back to school ready at Jet!



B is for… bags and backpacks galore, from characters to fun prints to simple and stylish



C is for… cool combo deals for a complete uniform under R100



D is for… drymacs in black or navy

E is for… everything you need in one place

F is for… FREE water bottles and lunch bags with selected backpacks



G is for… grey skirts and shorts for every schoolkid



H is for… hair accessories, from clips and headbands to Alice bands and elastics. Don’t forget we also stock a range of underwear and belts.

I is for… incredible value

J is for… Jet, of course! The only store you need to go to for all your back to school business



K is for… khaki trousers and shorts. We also offer a variety of unisex coloured shirts



L is for… lunch boxes. Take your pick from the wide variety at Jet, with funky colours, characters and extra utensils. From plain to all the kid’s favourite Marvel and Disney characters

M is for… Mobicel gadgets at Jet’s great prices

N is for… no stress about running to loads of different stores for all your back to school supplies

O is for… Owning back-to-school organisation!



P is for… PT shorts in grey, white or navy; pullovers (long-sleeved or sleeveless) and polar fleece zip tops in black or navy

Q is for… quality, guaranteed

R is for… raincoats for boys and girls



S is for… socks in knee-high or ankle options, skirts, shirts in long or short-sleeved options for boys and girls, shorts in grey and khaki, and school shoes with Velcro, laces or buckle options



T is for… trainers in black and white with Velcro or lace-up options; Toughees for boys and girls; tablets for the tech fundis and t-shirts in short sleeve for boys and girls



U is for… unisex coloured shirts in long and short-sleeved options

V is for… vests in two-packs for boys and girls



W is for… water bottles. From stainless steel to glitter sipper bottles or grip bottles, fit bottles and sport drink bottles, you’re spoilt for choice.



X is for… X factor! Give your kids the future they deserve with Jet Club’s Education Benefit. Club members can sign up at

Y is for… your happy little learner so eager for the first day of school

Z is for… zip, zap and you’re done!


So what are you waiting for? Get to Jet now for all your back to school shopping, and then sit back and enjoy the holidays!

BEWARE OF A JET RECRUITMENT SCAM! Certain websites and individuals are claiming to be recruiting for JET and in some cases soliciting money from the public to secure jobs. We are in no way associated with these activities. We only recruit from our careers portal or our in-house talent acquisition and HR teams and an application would not attract any fee.