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Make-up hacks save lives and time! And we’re here to do just that with our newly relaunched Just Be Gorgeous makeup range, which boasts improved formulations to make application a breeze – even if you’re a complete beginner!

Make-up makes it possible to achieve many different looks. But how do you know which products to use for which looks, and how to make these products work as hard as they can for you? Take, for example, a winged liner look: do you use kohl, gel, or liquid eyeliner? Which products work best for a daytime look versus a full-face evening look? How you can use one product on more than one area? Let us help you break it down.

An Easy Daytime Face

A daytime look is what you’d wear on a normal day to the office or when you dash to the store, and still want to look cute.

§  BB creams are ideal for daytime looks because they give light coverage, which comes with benefits for the skin, and a sheer appearance. Our Just Be Gorgeous BB Creams are easy to apply and great for daily use.

§  Simply apply lipstick as blush for a rosy glow and to maintain the sheer texture on the face. This you can do using the tips of your fingers. Our Just Be Gorgeous Moisturising Lipsticks are non-drying and perfect for this.

§  A coat (or three!) of mascara will make the eyes pop and give you a wideawake look.

§  Apply a cherry or peachy lip balm for a cute and nourished pout.

A Natural Glam Face

This look is for that daytime lunch date or even an interview – it has just the right amount of accentuation.

§  Sheer eyeshadow gives just the right amount of glam because it’s neither too shiny nor too subtle. Go for flesh tones such as a rosy pink, beige and brown.

§  Just like sheer eyeshadow, sheer lipstick provides just the right amount of sophistication. With this you can choose bolder colours such as plum, coral or even copper. Choose from our Just Be Gorgeous Velvet or Moisturising Lipsticks.

§  Use dark brown hues to create a subtle smokey eye (a black shade would be too harsh here).

§  Make use of subtle lashes or just apply mascara. Heavy or full-on lashes are better suited for a full-on glam face.

§  Use a tinted highlighter so that you get both colour and shimmer for an effortless chic.


A Full-On Glam Face

This is when you pull all the stops with your look for a formal or evening occasion.

§  Layered eyeshadow is the name of the game with this look – from ‘cut crease’ (where a lighter shade cuts across the crease of the eyelid for a dramatic contrast) to a deep smokey eye. To keep your eyeshadow in place, apply a layer of concealer as a base first.

§  Winged liner helps pull a strong eye look together. How thick you want it is totally up to you. Liquid and gel liners give a lasting and crisp look, while kohl liner can be smudged for an added smokey effect.

§  Have you always wanted to try those glamorous lashes but felt like they’d be too much? Well, this is your chance to pull these off. Make sure that you clip them to fit your eyes.


Whichever look you go for, remember it’s about having fun and trying something new!