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Want to perk up the personality in your home? Often a new season tempts us to update our homes but renovations can be costly and time-consuming. The good news? With Jet you can transition your home décor for winter in minutes. To save you the effort we've rounded up a the tips and tricks that offer big results on a small budget.

Step 1: A fresh coat of paint

Nothing brightens up a home quite like brushing on a new lick of paint. The paint you choose should reflect the feeling you want to create in your home and is a great opportunity to really play and have fun. 

Remember nothing is permanent when it comes to paint. Likewise you don't have to pick just one colour or even confine your creativity to the walls – think floors and ceilings too. A fresh coat of paint will instantly spice things up and enhance your other accents. You can opt for something brilliant and bright, something calm and collected, or something completely unexpected. However to really flex your creative muscles, why not spruce it up with an instantly striking accent wall  (a unique wall that may feature a different colour, material, or pattern than the others) – try this in a bedroom, bathroom or dressing area for a luxurious, glamorous feel.

Now that the walls are on duty and dazzling your guests, it’s time to conquer the cold like a professional decorator and focus on the other décor details.

Create a cohesive colour scheme

Each room in your home should have two seasonal colour schemes.  A great money-saving way to achieve a stunning seasonal refresh is to rotate warm and cool colours throughout the house, at different times of the year.  So when the blustery winds start blowing, beat the winter blues by packing away the summer colours and replacing them with a selection of seasonal shades you’ll love from Jet. Red, orange, yellow, and brown are all warm colours but did you know that any cool shade that leans toward the red or brown side, like Copper and Cinnamon can also work as a toasty tone too?

When it comes to reviving your rooms, it’s always best to repeat and sprinkle these key colours around the home to create a cohesive, polished and professional look.

Start a cushion collection 

Want to create a calm, comfy, chilled-out space that you and your family can relax in together? With more time spent indoors during winter, introducing snuggly stacks of cushions will make your spaces pop.  Keep it colourful with winter wowers like burgundy, golden yellow, rust, emerald green, navy and natural browns.

Add a throw

Winter decorations are all about incorporating rich, textural layers and seasonal colours that reflect the mood. Sometimes all it takes to change the seasonal mood of a space is a different fabric. Instead of light and airy linens, opt for a chunky throw or blanket with more texture.

It’s time to relax, renew and reset with Jet. #LoveWhereYouLive