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Lessons in Lingerie

For most women bra shopping falls somewhere on the emotional scale between flat-out failure and horrendously hellish. Simply put, we just aren’t getting the support we need to get the support we need.

It’s time we felt backed by our bras. So whether you’re an A or a double E, follow our simple guide to making your bust look its best.

Band practice

It turns out the most common mistake when buying a bra is choosing a band that is too loose. As most of your support comes from the band, getting this wrong does zero justice to your upper half. Keep in mind that when it comes to giving ‘the girls’ a lift, the cup and band fit are equally essential. And while you may be getting the right hug from the cup, the wrong band means you’re getting no love from the support team.

A bravellous fit

Here’s a handy trick to try – if you lift your arms above your head, your bra shouldn’t move. A correctly-sized band will be level with the front of the bra and run parallel to the floor. The band should fit snugly around your torso and you should be able to slide only one finger under it.

The job of the cups, on the other hand, is to hold your breasts in place. This means the top of the cup should completely contain the breast. In fact for the fit to be fab, you should be able to slip off your straps and take a few steps while your bra stays proudly in place.

When changing bra sizes, the rule of thumb is as follows: if you go up in the band, go down in the cup and vice versa.

Right now, take a look in the mirror (sideways, not upside down – it’s tempting we know!) Your breasts should sit half-way between your shoulders and elbows. If they don’t you need to give your bra the boot and find a better-fitting one.

Shoulder holder

If the straps dig into the flesh of your shoulders, don’t blame the boobs. This means the straps are over-worked and it’s actually the band that’s to blame. To fix this you merely need to try a smaller one.

Gore Value

The centre of the bra, called the ‘gore’ should lie flat against your breastbone. Give it a gentle push. If your entire bra moves, you should probably go up a cup size or two. And lastly, if you’re getting poked by your bra rather than on Facebook, consider that in this case, bigger is most definitely better.

Hint, hint

Here are some great tips to remember.

Your bra size will change as you age, so get fitted once a year. Also have more than one everyday bra, as rotating your bras will make them last longer. To get more bang for your buck, opt for a bra that fits perfectly when secured on the outermost hook. Then as it stretches over time you can always tighten it.

Rule of three

When in doubt, remember these three little words: stoop, swoop, and scoop.

A quick trick to finding the right bra is to lean forward (the stoop), gently move the breasts forward from the sides towards your cleavage (swoop) and scoop them into the cups (scoop). This simple adjustment will ensure your breasts fit comfortably in the cups and you have met your match!

Trust us, your relationship with your bra is about to get a whole lot happier.

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