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Suit Up

Perhaps you wear a suit to work every day, or you only bring it out for special occasions. Either way, we’ve got some tips to make you the snappiest suit wearer on the block.

There are a few critical rules of thumb to follow when it comes to wearing a suit. The first is to make sure it fits you properly – a too-big jacket or too-tight pants will just make you look and feel uncomfortable. Also, your shirt cuffs should never go over your hands – and don’t forget that your shoes and belt need to match, and your shoes should match your suit.

With these basics covered, here are a few ways you can stand out from the suit-wearing crowd.

Funky socks

A modest black or navy suit with a pop of colour peeking out at the ankles is a big trend right now, funky socks are the way to go, and make a fun statement. Pick a few different pairs, from bright stripes to quirky patterns, even superhero socks that you can alternate with your suit. Remember your socks must be long enough to cover your legs when you sit down – you don’t want ankle flesh showing.

Bold tie or bow tie

You can really have fun with your tie or bow tie. Forget boring monotone shades think simple suit, classic white shirt and a bold polka-dot tie or bow tie. If you’re opting for a tie, make sure that the knot is a reasonable size, not too big or too small. Also ensure your tie ends at or just before your belt and that it’s a darker shade than your shirt.

Perfect pocket square

If you’ve never been brave enough to add a pocket square to your suit jacket, it’s time to take the leap. No longer reserved for formal affairs, the pocket square is now a stylish essential. Look for a good size (at least 40cm in diameter) made from lightweight silk or cotton, so it’s easy to fold and won’t slip down into your pocket. Choose between the formal flat fold or a playful puff fold. Go for bright colours that complement the shade of your suit, a little clashing is allowed, but at least one shade in your pocket square should match your suit, not your tie or bow tie!

Snappy suspenders

The world of suspenders can be daunting – clip-on or button-on, which shape to wear them and how wide should they be? Clip-on suspenders are usually reserved for a more casual look, and button-on ones are the only option when it comes to formal suits. The shape and width are up to you. Usually, suspenders form an “X”, “Y” or “H” shape on the body when worn. Opt for a contrasting colour to your tie in fact, make sure they clash. And never wear a belt if you’re wearing suspenders!

A classic suit is always a good idea, and a bold burst of colour or quirky accessory makes it even more stylish.

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