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Exhausted yet entirely in love, doesn’t quite begin to describe the early years of having a child, does it? Becoming a parent can be overwhelming in some of the best ways but also in some of the most unexpected ways too. So we’ve compiled a list of tried-and-tested tips and tricks to get you started and hopefully leave you a little less exhausted. Don’t worry, Jet is here to help you master the parenting hacks that could truly save the day and save you time!

1. The wonders of onesies 

One thing no one tells you about before having your baby is that newborns hate having things pulled over their heads. This can make changing a challenge but there’s hope because there’s another thing most parents don’t know. As it turns out, those little envelope flaps on the neckline of a onesie are designed so that you can pull them downwards instead of over the baby's head. Yip, those handy little flaps are much more functional than you think. This is very useful when dealing with a full nappy.

2. Turn tummy time into funny time 

Gift your little ones with some fun together, while also taking care of tummy time. Younger babies aren’t typically fans of tummy time. A simple baby hack to avoid a struggle is to lie flat on your back at a slight incline and place your baby, tummy-side down, on your chest. Then while you talk, sing, and make funny facial expressions allow baby to practice lifting their head, while looking into your loving eyes. You'll both love the funny tummy time together.

3. Head, shoulders, knees and toes

Looking for a simple remedy for baby gas relief? To easily help your baby pass uncomfortable gas, try the elbow to knee trick. Gently place your baby on their back and touch the right elbow to the left knee, meeting in the middle ever so slightly applying pressure to their tummy. Then swap and repeat on the other side.

4. Rub-a-dub-dub 

Looking for the simplest baby hack ever? When it comes to bath time, place a super soft, super warm face cloth on the baby's belly and continuously pour warm water over the area. Babies don't like feeling cold or exposed and this will help them feel settled, snug, and secure. Plus keep them cosy afterward in 100% cotton towels; bulk up on these soothing and super absorbent bathtime essentials at Jet today.

5. Smarty Pants

Don’t chuck out their pants just yet. Did you know most kids drop a pants size, or two, when they move out of nappies? That’s right, you can get more bang for your buck by hanging onto those cute trousers a little while longer. You can also save more money by shopping Jet's range of anti-pill fleece fabrics, that won’t become frazzled and fuzzy over time.

6. Jack in the box 

All you need is a box, to organise your baby's clothing! For instance, an empty shoebox can create great draw dividers that will instantly declutter a baby's wardrobe. You can use a separate box for each category of clothing, keeping the most used ones at the front. Rather than folding and stacking their clothes, simply roll them into neat little tubes. That way you can see all their little onesies in a row while keeping things looking cute and under control.

7. Refill, refresh & then rest

Consider this, a calm morning that doesn't involve a mad panic every time you leave the house. You got it! A simple solution? Restock your nappy bag when you get home, instead of right before you're rushing out the door the next day. Do this at night once the baby is in bed; it's one thing less to worry about tomorrow.

 And when all else fails, just dance. After a long day, when you’re talked out and tired, cradle your baby in your arms, turn on some music and shake off the day together. It's hard not to smile when you're letting loose (and watching your family enjoy the bonding too).