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They’re lightweight, super comfortable and look fabulous under a t-shirt. Meet your new fave bra, now available at Jet.

Can we all agree that few things in life are as complicated as buying the right bra? Resounding yes – good, we are all on the same page!

Honestly, if it’s not remembering which style you prefer from a particular brand, its deciphering if your sexy selection is the most appropriate for your wardrobe needs (it usually isn’t) – not to mention comfort, quality, price and all the other super important things you need to consider before making your way to the till.

If we are calling a spade a spade, it’s about time we admit that bra shopping is actually an extreme sport, and it sure ain’t for the faint hearted. 

Enter The Spacer Bra

Jet recently introduced a line of spacer bras that are highly likely to rock your world like no other feminine undergarment has. Regrettably, a spacer bra won’t suddenly transport you to… you guessed it: space. But, it will most likely change your perception of what a good quality bra should do for you and your perfectly curated outfit.

So what exactly is a spacer bra? It looks a little like a padded bra but it is made of lightweight cloth material that has been folded and refolded to create air pockets underneath instead of one thick layer. Another design simply creates it out of two layers of cloth, meaning it is seamless but is still padded. Its seamless cups allow discretion under clothing and shape the breasts without adding volume. 

Spacer bras are designed to allow your chest area to breathe and relax and, most importantly, enjoy a lightweight feeling for the whole day – whether you’re in the office, running from one lecture hall to another, carrying an adorable albeit screaming toddler on your hip, or simply juggling a gruelling to-do list. Because our spacer bras provide great seam-free support (thanks to some high-tech 3D construction), they are also suitable for casual outdoor wear and provide a smooth finish to your look, especially if you are wearing a T-shirt.

Speaking of being outdoors, a spacer bra doesn’t hold sweat on a hot day. Yep, take a moment and let that sink it – no more itching and all the discomfort that comes with underboob perspiration.

Because of its two-layered design, a spacer bra absorbs sweat and retains it inside. The wet cloth won’t irritate your skin, and you’ll maintain that feeling of freshness (and dryness) no matter how the day turns out. The innovative and elastic mesh allows the skin to breathe while ensuring extreme comfort. Quite simply, it is the best bra for everyday needs.


So just in case it’s not clear enough, whether you need something cool for a long day at work, or something fresh for a sunny afternoon with your girls, or even a quick mission to your local grocer,  Jet’s range of spacer bras have got your back! And your boobs of course.