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1.       The original cellphone packaging and proof of purchase documents should be retained as they are required for warranty and/or exchange purposes.

2.       Product information and/or assistance with respect to this product can be obtained by calling your Service Providers toll-free number from your cellphone.

3.       The Warranty provided by the manufacture does not cover non-mechanical and/or physical damage caused by negligent use of the cellphone. Please ensure that you treat your cellphone with care.

4.       In the event that your cellphone has a manufacturing fault and thi is identified within the Out of Box Failure Period (Network Specific Conditions will apply), the cellphone can be returned to the original place of purchase for replacement, provided the following conditions are met:

a.       The original proof of purchase must be supplied (i.e. till slip) as well as the terms and conditions contained in the document.

b.      The original box and contents (handset, original battery, original charger, original antenna, instruction manual and any other accessories) must be complete and in good condition.

c.       The International Mobile Equipment Identity Number (IMEI Number) reflected on the box, must match the IMEI Number on the phone data card

d.      There must be no physical damage on the product or its accessories, or any signs of neglect due to, mishandling, liquid damage, screen scratches, dents or marks.

e.       Devices that are faulty due to software issues and which may be resolved by way of a software upgrade are NOT considered an Out of Box Failue (OBF). The software upgrade will be performed free of charge by the relevant network provider.

f.        Items that qualify as an OBF will only be exchanged for items of the same make and model (no refunds will be made).

g.       Cellphones must be exchanged or repaired subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant network provider.

h.      The Out of Box Failue (OBF) period is determined by the relevant Network Provider.

5.       We advise that you discuss your specific cellphone requirements with a Cellphone Consultant before selecting and purchasing your new cellphone. Once you have made your choice and received the cellphone in good condition, JET will not refund or exchange the cellphone for a different make/model/unit.

6.       The cellphone services will be provided by the relevant Network Provider directly.



1.       Should you experience any problems with your cellphone (outside of the OBF period) you may either take it directly to the relevant network provider repair centre or to any of our Jet stores, in which case we will liaise with the Network provider repair centre on your behalf.

2.       The manufacturer’s warranty period shall apply to all cellphones (excluding battery and charger)

3.       Any repair during the warranty period will be at no cost to you. If however the damage to the cellphone is due to negligence on your part or liquid damage; such repair will be for your expense. The manufacturer’s warranty will not apply.

4.       If you make use of an unauthorised repair centre, the manufacturer’s warranty will no longer apply.

5.       Please note

a.       Liquid damage can occur very easily. Cellphones mat become damaged due to moisture such as rain, proximity to car air-conditioning units and saliva on the aerial.

b.      At the time of purchase the cellphone will be tested and activated in the store


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