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Gift Card Policy

  1. The bearer of a Gift Card may use this Gift Card to purchase merchandise from any participating Jet (“Jet” or “We”) Store.
  2. The Gift Card is valid for a period of 3 (three) years from date of activation or upon full redemption thereof, whichever occurs earlier. However, if and where such gift card has been topped-up, then it will remain valid for a period of 3 (three) years from date of top-up or upon full redemption thereof, whichever occurs earlier – irrespective of the date of activation.
  3. The Gift Card may not be:
    • used for the payment of an Jet account;
    • exchanged for cash; or
    • used to purchase airtime.
  4. Gift Card holders will not be given cash change for any purchases made with the Gift Card.
  5. Gift Card holders must keep their Gift Cards in a safe place for security reasons as the Gift Card may still be used to make purchases.
  6. All Gift Card balances can be checked as follows:
    • in-store at a till point; or
  7. Electronic Gift Cards:
    • Electronic Gift Cards are an SMS version of the current Gift Cards and the above terms and conditions apply.
    • Jet will transfer the remaining balance to a physical gift card if Gift Card holders do not utilize the full value of their Electronic Gift Cards on their first purchase.
    • Gift Card holders should be aware that Electronic Gift Cards cannot be topped up nor be SMS’d to a third party.
    • Jet will be not be liable for any reimbursements of any nature if:
      1. an Electronic Gift Card holder deletes their Electronic Gift Card; or
      2. the Electronic Gift Card holder’s cellphone is lost or stolen with their Electronic Gift Card. However, the Electronic Gift Card holder will only be able to retrieve their existing Electronic Gift Card from their original cellphone number by contacting Jet.
  8. Electronic Gift Card holders are aware and accepts that their usage of Electronic Gift Cards will be at their sole risk and discretion.
  9. Electronic Gift Card users are aware that Jet will not be held responsible for any cellular network service operator's delay in forwarding an Electronic Gift Card to any Electronic Gift Card user.
  10. Electronic Gift Card users acknowledge that Jet will only accept Electronic Gift Cards if Electronic Gift Card users present a valid Electronic Gift Card Number to the cashier in SMS format.