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Jet New Account Voucher T&Cs SA & BLNE

JET - New TFG Money Account Promotion - Terms & Conditions

To be eligible to receive 1500.00 (one thousand five hundred) worth of Jet discount vouchers, a customer’s TFG Money Account application must be received between 21 August 2023 – 31 March 2024.

Card Linking period - If the TFG Money Account is approved, the TFG Money Account must be opened and card received in store, and all credit documentation must be signed and accepted by no later than 14 April 2024.

Vouchers are only given to customers who applied for and were successful in opening and card-linking a TFG Money Account within the above dates, at a JET store in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Eswatini.

Customers who qualify will receive the following 6 vouchers via SMS 48 hours after card-linking:

  • Voucher 1: R150 off R600; Valid for 14 days from card linking
  • Voucher 2: R75 off R300; Valid for 60 days from card collection
  • Voucher 3: R125 off R500; Valid for 60 days from card collection
  • Voucher 4: R400 off R1600; Valid for 60 days after card collection
  • Voucher 5: R250 off R1000; Valid for 60 days after card collection
  • Voucher 6: R500 off R2000; Valid for 60 days after card collection

The above-mentioned vouchers may only be redeemed at JET, in-store.


Vouchers 1-6 will be issued to customers via SMS to the cell phone number provided by the customer on their TFG Money Account application, within 72 hours of the customers card being linked in store. Voucher SMS messages will include the voucher codes and the validity date period of each voucher. Voucher codes must be given to the cashier at the time of purchase to enable the Voucher to be redeemed. 

Voucher Terms & Conditions

This voucher may be used for merchandise at JET stores only, excluding sale goods, reduced merchandise, cell phones, laptops, tablets, navigational devices, Gift Cards, or airtime purchases. Voucher cannot be used on The voucher is non-transferable and may not be exchanged for cash or be used as payment towards a TFG Money Account. The voucher may not be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer and vouchers and expires on the date stated in the Terms & Conditions and in the SMS received.